about us

who we are


We are a group of enthusiastic people who got aware, that through awareness and responsible action, we can do something good for our home on which we live -our planet. We realized there is no Planet B – we really should take care of it !

our vision
Our vision is not driven by making profit as much as possible or as cheap a product can be produced. Our vision is to be in a balance with nature as much we can as we as human are being part of the same nature. Everything we take from the eco-system shall be given back in a certain way. We know that is a highly approach, but with our products we make one necessary step towards.

what we do

doing something good
With bringing sustainable straws to the people, we are doing something good for our earth and the future generations of our planet.

Did you know, 170 mio one way drinking plastic straws are used daily in the US, 8 bio straws yearly in UK and 40 bio straws yearly in Germany. We can reduce this with low effort but high impact to the good – together with you !

what we love

We love what we do and that makes us happy, that we can give a contribution to this world to make it cleaner and healthier.

what we need

What we need is you !Then without you the world will not change to the better.

Bamboo is a very fast growing plant, which binds CO2 as much as a big teak tree, give 35% more oxygen back to the atmosphere as any other plant and grows completely without the need of any pesticide due to his anti bacterial effect.

Straws made from sugarcane and rice are fully compostable under normal garden condition (20-25°C)

Straws made from sugarcane and rice are fully degradable

Being humble
We are supporting charity projects. With every straw we are selling, we give a part of our profit directly to those who have nothing,  actual to the SOS children village Ðiện Biên Phủ in Vietnam.

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