You can have your personal logo or note
engraved on your drinking straws!

Personalized drinking straws attract people’s attention. Not only do they look great in your advertising on brochures, websites, and social media, but they also help spread and improve your business.
And they are a true reminder of your loyalty to protecting our environment.

We do not use any colors, we engrave your logo or inscription with laser technology.
So your drinking straw remains 100% natural and is a great opportunity to present yourself as a company or business.

Send us your design by email.

We are also happy to respond to your personal wishes and design for you for a reasonable extra charge.

Once we have your design ready for engraving, we can discuss any further questions and change them if necessary.

If you are satisfied, you can place an order. 

How does it work


If you want to reorder in the future, your design is deposited with us.

We would, if necessary, publish pictures of your personal drinking straws on our website. However, this be canceled at any time by sending an e-mail to

During the process, all our custom engravings will be carried out by our qualified partner in Vietnam (for bamboo) or Germany (for glass).

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